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If you didn't know, SoE was shut down in late Fall 2013, with the following message to the public.

Now comes the mystery...

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest"

In life there are many kinds of goodbyes. Sad goodbyes, angry goodbyes, goodbyes forever... This goodbye is a wonderful sort of goodbye. It's a goodbye with the knowledge that we will meet again, soon, in SOE2. It is a goodbye with hope for the future and for new wonderful worlds to explore together. It is a bittersweet goodbye, with all of the good memories we have shared on SOE. It is a necessary goodbye for the BloodStream Studios Team to be able to focus on taking the next, crucial steps in making SOE2. For all of you. Up until this point we have been trying to juggle and split our focus on both games, with less than good results. In doing so, both games have suffered. You; our beloved and loyal community, deserve more in a game than what we can provide with SOE. And so it is with regret and excitement that we bid our workhorse server Sanctum of Eventide, a well deserved adieu; and look to the future and say hello to the new age of SOE2. We believed in SOE, and we believe in our community, and now it is time for us to put that faith into new and rewarding directions.

We will be hoping to launch the new SOE2 forum in the months to come, so look forward to that. We will maintain the current SOE forum until that happens, so please check in regularly for new updates for the new game. We have been a great team for years and we will be a great team for years to come. Our staff and community are as a family, and to that family I love so much, I make promise that you will soon have a new home in SOE2 to love and grow in. I hope that you all will travel this road with us, and share this beautiful adventure with us, together, as a community united.

I will have the honor of welcoming you to SOE2: Isles of Eventide in the near future. This is not farewell but only a moment of leavetaking between friends for a short time. Keep your nose to the winds and your tail to the sunset. I shall save the best of the kill for you, so you may feast at mai right paw, and rejoice with us, in our return to glory.

Sincerely Sebastian James / BS ALpha Tolkien / Maniac/SOE Owner & BS Studios Partner.
and the BS Studios Team